Broken Saints volume 4

Broken Saints volume 4 contains tracks from the final, climactic chapters of the Broken Saints saga – some of the most intense and powerful work in the series.

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Late in 1999, I was asked by my cousin Brooke if I would be willing to contribute some music to a project he had begun, called Broken Saints. It was planned as a 24-part series, presented online, combining his writing and direction with the artistic and programming talents of two other collaborators.

At the time I was in the process of moving to Europe to pursue other musical goals, and could not work on the project full-time, so I offered him my back-catalogue of instrumental compositions; these subsequently became the core soundtrack for the first third or so of the series.

After a year or so, two things became clear to us: first, that Broken Saints had touched a nerve with a growing internet community, obviously more than ready for storytelling of the depth and scope that Brooke and company were creating; and second, that they were going to need some more music. So began a period of compositional activity which, although I was unaware of it at the time, would dominate the next few years of my creative life – and become, for the moment at least, my best-known work.

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